Sunday, 23 May 2010

the work situation...

Thought I'd update on the work situ...

I still don't have a new job, and I haven't moved into the office either. I found out a couple of weeks ago that there is a girl already working in the office who has CF. I've been there over 2.5 years and never knew...I guess that just goes to show that people don't look like they have CF lol. My mum kinda had a mini freakout when I told her cause we've had face to face contact etc, but stuff it, plenty of CF people meet up and I used to spend lots of time with other patients on the ward and in clinic whilst at paeds. Bless her, she only wants what's best for me.

There are people dancing in Father's most odd.

I managed to wangle a couple of BBQs out of the parents this week, it's been great! Had a steak today :) I have to admit, my appetite has still been quite good but not as huge as it normally is...I seem to always have food in my hand, it's ridiculous! Still haven't eaten chocolate since feeling ill the other week...well, I did once, but it hurt my guts the second it hit my stomach.

I have my annual review on Tuesday *sigh* hate having blood taken...

bye for now journal :)

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  1. Hey I remembered eventually that you used to meet other people with cf at clinic !! Gartnavel have given me their OCD lol. Just takes us oldies a liitle while to catch up but we get there :)