Sunday, 16 May 2010

what to say...

So, my last post was rather short, and perhaps didn't sound like I cared much about what happened, but it wasn't intended that way. It's devestating when anybody dies, and it's especially hard when it's a friend with CF...something about it just hits home hard. I really can't imagine what Nic's family and close friends are going through right now, but my thoughts are with them.

On a brighter note, Tori got her call, finally! After many false alarms, her transplant has gone ahead and she is now in recovery. I worry about everyone who goes through transplant...mind you, I worry about them while they're waiting too, so lets just say I worry. I'm trying not to though, just sending lots of positive thoughts to her and her family. Hopefully it's a smooth ride for her :)

As for me...well, nothing much is happening. I'm still trying to find a new job, I'm still just getting on with things. I feel a lot better than I did a couple of weeks ago now, due to finish the antibiotics on Tuesday, but I've been left with some lung pain which better just go away. The hospital said that my sputum sample was clear, not even a growth of my usual bug, so I really don't know what happened...apparently likely to be a non-respiratory infection that's had some respiratory consequences...either way, it doesn't matter now.

I got my referral through for the council healthy living scheme, so now I'm waiting for a call back to arrange a meeting to discuss my needs and hopefully get crackin in the gym or some fitness classes...I'm hoping to build up to 3 or 4 days a week. Nothing like my 5/6 days dancing that I used to do when I was at school, but it's a lot better than what I'm doing just now, which isn't enough.

I having nothing else left to say, there really has been nothing boring. I need to get a life!!!

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