Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Went up to the hospital this morning cause feeling a bit poopy. Turns out my lung function has dropped for the first time in years. I can't even remember if it dropped when I had strep. pneumonia...I think it might've went down to 85% actually, but really I didn't notice it. It's down to 81%, which to be fair is still pretty darn good, but considering it went up at my last appointment (it usually sits at 88% but went up to 89%), and I normally sit for LF and I stood today, it's still a drop! Physio couldn't get a sputum sample from me cause I was far too dehydrated and just had a really hoarse dry cough, so I'm spending the rest of the day drinking lots and keeping my little bottle with me...psuedo was mentioned, so I really wanna get a sample in to make sure it's not that!

Got a course of antibiotics for 2 weeks but obviously if it doesn't clear it then I'll need to go's hoping. Made sure I got some fluconazole for the weeks too! I will not forget to ask for that again.

Anyway, chest pants aside, it's my birthday on Thursday! Woop! Ann Summers party with the ladies tomorrow then off into Glasgow on Thursday, can't wait. James and I are heading up in the morning to get piano music (my present from him) and then we're going to the Solid for lunch with lots of people and theeeeeeeeeen...the social? maybe, they do 2 cocktails for a fiver.

I'm shattered, have slept rubbish all week, so I'm goin for a snooze.


  1. Oooh Taurians are clearly the best!! What piano music are you getting? I've just started Rachmaninov Prelude in C# minor. I love it! Although a bit on the big side for the old hands!Hope you feel better soon. I think there's something in the air making everyone feel rubbish!!!! Xx

  2. Hope you get your lung function back up. Have a good birthday! xx

  3. Hope its just a temporary blip Ruth!
    And that you had a good birthday :)

    Thanks for reminding me Mrs Magic, Im back on IVs and wouldnt be able to eat for sore mouth by the weekend if I had forgotten something for the thrush! Off to ask the nurses now.