Friday, 30 April 2010

back to work tomorrow

As the title says, I'm back to work tomorrow. I originally had 8 days off, but ended up only having 6 because they were short staffed Saturday and Sunday, and it also means all my pay is at the unsocial premium so I'll get a better wage.

This week has been nice. On Monday I really just did some washing and ironing, and after getting up at noon I fell asleep at 7, so ended up awake til 4am. Tuesday was pretty much the same, just some sitting about and stuff, but had some wine with James at night.

Wednesday was more interesting. To start, I was really sick when I got up which never happens to me when I drink, but my bowels are really slow so thinking it might've been affected by that. Anyway, still felt sick most of the day, but went for lunch and some shopping with mum after her work which was nice. We're going again this coming Wednesday cause it's my birthday on the Thursday and they're buying me clothes :)

Yesterday James and I went to a little cafe in Stewarton which was really nice. We had really amazing baked potatoes and cakes and tea :) After that I did a little bit more retail therapy in Boots then went up to mum and dads for a cuppa.

I had the most awful sleep lastnight. Before I went to bed I found out that an old friend, who no longer wants to speak to me for a reason I cannot quite comprehend, is pregnant again. Last time she was pregnant, her son died at 15 hours old after being born at 28 weeks and it was just awful. But even though we were her support and were there for her at all hours of the day (literally, I went round at silly hours in the morning) she threw it back in our faces and we no longer speak. I'm worried about her...and worried it'll happen again, and then I don't think she'd want to survive. I really was shocked to find out and I'm finding it a bit hard to just let it go...she doesn't want to speak to me so sending a message wouldn't work and I don't have her number anyway...god. I dunno what to do, cause it's not like I don't care.

Anyway, I went to bed at midnight and lay awake til close to 2. When I finally got to sleep I had a really weird dream which woke me at 2.30, so then I was awake again. Trying to get back to sleep was hard cause I could feel my pulse through my whole body and it was as if I could feel the blood coming to my heart and then radiating out through the rest of my body...really odd feeling. Next time I woke up I had soaked through my top and felt euch. I woke up again with the most horrific stabbing pains in what felt like my womb. It wasn't the same as the stabbing pains I've had in my bladder from constipation, it felt like a different place, but my tummy was really bloated so it was probably the same cause. Took ages to get back to sleep again. All in all I must've wakened about 6 times, so I feel like I've had pretty much no sleep at all.

Anyway...that aside, today I need to go into Kilmarnock to buy rabbit food and I'm gonna have a nosy in the new New Look. I'm not made of money btw, I'm usually skint, but I got holiday pay in both my wages because it was the end of the financial year (I don't have an annual leave entitlement, I accrue holiday pay instead, depending how many hours I work) so I have some money to treat myself and pay for all the birthday nights out in May.

Here's hoping I get a better sleep tonight...we'll see.

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  1. Hope you sleep a bit better tonight! Having no sleep is the worst. I've just woken up from falling asleep on the floor :s

    With your friend. It's a really tough one. Because she threw it back in your face before it must be really difficult. Why don't you contact her, tell her that you'll be there for her and your willing to forgive/forget what she said/did before. Then it's up to her whether she wants to make contact or not. You've done your bit then and it's down to her. Good luck! X