Tuesday, 20 April 2010

excitement (or lack of)

There's gotta be something I can do to make life more exciting.

Feel like all I do is work and moan about having no money. I hate being moany, I really honestly do. It might not seem that way based on what I write in this thing, but I am actually a cheery person.

I need a project. What it's gonna be, I dunno yet, but I need something to keep my mind active and to keep me motivated, as I have nothing of that nature just now. James is gonna buy me piano music for my birthday though, so that'll be fun. I have a list as long as my arm of music I want but I'm gonna pick a few pieces and get them for now. Some Poulenc I think, and maybe a piece I was gonna do as part of continuing education before I had to pull out due to a major lack of £1000 to pay for it!

Maybe I should go play some Chopin just now, or some Bach or hands are too small for Beethoven but I try anyway.

May will hopefully be a good month. A few nights out planned already for birthdays (including my own!)

I think I'm a drama queen...I seem to thrive when there's a drama lol...I'm not so bad that I'll make a drama out of nothing, I think, but yeh...we're all drama queens at heart :)


  1. :O I've just read that you're a music graduate! (I'm pretty slow like that). It's Tigger here from the CFTrust boards by the way. I'm going to uni to do music in september. I'm guessing from saying your hands are too small that you're a pianist! I ALWAYS have that problem. I can just (and I mean literally just) reach an octave so everything I play has to be adjusted to fit my tiny hands!! Beethoven is out of the question, Bach is pretty good because there are not many MAHOUSSIVE chords to play! Do you play anything else? Sorry massive long comment here! Hope you're ok! Xx

  2. cool, what uni are you going to?

    I hate the tiny hands problem lol, it's rubbish! I can reach an octave without many problems now, but it took a lot of hard work to get there. My piano teacher had huge hands so had to work really hard to help me with fingering issues.

    I did singing as well as piano and I used to play the trumpet too :) x

  3. I'm going to Bath. Then I'm hoping to do an MA at the Royal Welsh School or Trinity college after. My piano teacher is teeny as in well under 5 foot but can reach a tenth on the piano! How is that physically possible! hahah! She is pretty good at working way round things for me. Little hands are supposed to attractive but they aren't very useful!
    I sing too- again I'm an odd one. I'm a female tenor (thanks to really grotty sinuses and inhaled meds my voice is super deep!) hahaha! I can sing alto but it can be a little on the high side. Trumpet sounds amazing! I used to play the soprano sax but my lung function won't let me anymore :(.

    Where did you do your music degree? Is it ok if I add you on facebook? Speak soon! Xx

  4. awesome! I sang alto for years then went to do my degree and was bumped up to soprano. It's a struggle but gives my lungs a great workout haha. I always fancied being a bass though, how cool would that be! Female tenor can be sexy, lots of cool jazz stuff :P

    I had a guest teacher while I was at the RSAMD junior school and she thought my hands were amazing because they're small, she said I have beautiful hands, but yeh, they suck!

    I went to the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and did a BMus(hons). Of course you can add me :) xx