Monday, 12 April 2010


It's weird thinking about me...thinking about the things I do that make people say I'm weird or crazy.

Things like eating on alternate sides of my mouth so that the food is spread evenly, resulting in my teeth all being used, and dirtied, evenly, and how it takes over when I eat things like sandwiches, crisps, sweets etc. Meals that are eaten with a knife and fork don't seem to bother me so much, but if I use my hands it freaks me out lol. Oh, and I like to do it in even numbers, odd numbers are...bleugh, so I start on the right, finish on the left. left side is my weaker side (I'm right handed/footed) so I finish on that side so that my left side feels wanted...seriously, why has it taken me this long to realise that I'm a mentalist?

I count my steps in 4s if I'm walking on my own. I freak out if I make a mistake in my shower routine. I have little patterns that I make with my fingers and if I see a registration plate that I "like" I will imagine writing it in joined up lettering, over and over and over, until somebody takes me mind off it for long enough. I do it mostly when I'm driving.

I'm gonna be 23 in May...euch.

Ah, the life of a mentalist lol...reading that back, I sound like a total fruit.

I'm not gonna even bother writing the other things I do and think about.

Sometimes I forget this is for me to vent, and I'm kinda glad I wrote that all down...not that I'm gonna stop doing any of those things, the thought of it freaks me out, but for some reason it feels...actually scary, cause I know people read this...I'm off now before I delete this whole entry


  1. I DO IT TOO!!
    so so similarly! I have to count my steps in 4s, and if the surface im walking on changes, like from carpet to tile, it has to be after a 4th step, and i have to even things out, like if i trip on one foot, i have to purposely do it on the other, and same with the eating thing, though i have to eat alternate bites on alternate sides!!
    i actually cant believe you wrote this
    i love you!! thankyou!!

  2. lol you both mentalists but then so am I in other ways!! It's what makes us awesome!!

  3. Lauren, I am the exact same lol. I made my friend want to pat me on the head lol...

    there are many other things too, but they're the main ones, and Tori, you are so right, people love us for being mentalists, so why change?! :D