Sunday, 11 April 2010

the weekend

My weekend has been far from exciting. Nightshift at Daldorch on Friday, nightshift at Moorpark Saturday and Sunday. The weather has been lovely, and I had to sleep through most of it! Anyway, I managed to get an hour or so in the sun on Saturday at mum and dads with a cup of tea and a tunnocks caramel wafer (yum!) and today I woke up at 2 cause the river was loud through the open window and there were loads of kids at the park across the river.

At work now...finish at 8am. It's absolutely roasting, wish I'd kept my shorts on :( I burnt myself with boiling water while making a pot noodle for the client I'm supporting tonight...haha, what a dafty. He called me a stupid f*ck cause I didn't know where they were kept, which tickled me somewhat, cause he had a point.

The left side of my sinuses was really blocked while using the neb today, it felt really horrible to use, so much pressure and lots and lots of snot...haha, lovely.

I'm going to mum and dads for dinner tomorrow. We're having chilli :)

I think I'm gonna start carrying my camera with me more often, I really like photos.

Booked our holiday for the 14th August. A week away at a house with no electricity could be interesting. I'm gonna need to get an adaptor for the cars cigarette lighter so I can use my neb, cause I really don't fancy a week without it. The guy has been really good, letting us wait a bit later to pay the balance incase I'm not well enough to go. Even if I'm not, I'll damn sure be going!! I only get 1 week a year, I'm gonna be taking it lol.

Anyway, enough rambling about nothing. Can you tell I'm in this house alone?

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