Friday, 23 April 2010

I thought you smoked?

Just remembered that a few weeks ago, a girl from work said she thought I smoked. haha, it tickled me somewhat, cause I was talking about my CF for some reason or other and she was all confused cause obviously I was talking about how it affects the lungs etc.

Maybe a silly answer, but I just said something about how I know I sound like a smoker when I cough, but that I'm not, definitely not. Just cause nearly everybody I work with smokes, doesn't mean I do.

It just tickled me.

I hope the 48hr ECG I'm due to get in 2 weeks picks up something...last night I was playing Scene It on the XBox with friends when my heart started doing it's weird party tricks again and it was the same when I went to bed. Been getting a few flutters today. I don't really mind if they don't give me treatment or anything, cause I know there can be many reasons why the heart would beat irregularly, but as long as they see what's happening and tell me there's no problem, then I'll be alright with that.

My sinuses haven't bled as badly the last few days but they're still bleeding and my head is still splitting.

I wanna run away again...get like this every so often, just start feeling low, for no apparent reason. Makes me wanna tell everyone to leave me alone and let me get on with doing nothing...absolutely nothing. I can hardly even make myself go for a shower, I couldn't care less if I start to smell.

Anyway...I'm kinda hoping that I'll be upstairs at work myself tonight so that I can just stick a film on the laptop and be left to it. I prefer to be up there myself than downstair with another member of staff. Plus, if I'm downstair I need to do the washing and ironing and clean the bathrooms, kitchen and dining rooms haha. Upstairs there's only the office, staff base and 1 bathroom. EASY, and I'm lazy :) Only drawback is that there's 4 clients downstairs with 2 members of staff, and 5 upstairs with 1...meh


  1. People always think I smoke too, so annoying lol. Can you change the colour of the font on your blog? Its really hard to read! White might be better?

  2. done! sorry bout that lol, shows how often I actually read what I write. hopefully that's better now x